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The Problem of Health in Uganda

In Uganda, 34.6% of the population lives on $1.99 per day according to the World Bank 2016 country poverty report. However the average cost of an out patient day visit to a grade three ranges from $10 and $20 per ART visit.

Only 22% of hospitals have specialized machines like electrocardiography (ECG) machine and health centers reported relatively low availability of the lab equipment required for simple tests according to research conducted by Infectious Disease Research Collaboration IDRC in 2014.

They also found that the availability of basic patient transportation was quite low, close or close to zero outside of one privately hiring an ambulance. With less than 15% of health centers having access to a working phone.

Sustainable Health

Our Solution

The way of God miracle ministries is an emergency health social service resource for foster children as well as at-risk children in the community. While many adoptive families subsidize a lot of their foster children’s health care, most of these families are faced with unprecedented poverty. Without anyone stepping in to cover healthcare costs many foster families would be incapable of taking in sick children or maintaining the foster child placement of children especially those suffering from chronic illnesses and HIV/AIDS.

No child should linger in an emergency rescue home due to chronic illness. No child should lose their foster family home even temporarily due to lack of health care funds. Especially not a child who has lost their home once before.

We need your Support

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We need meals for the foster children and their carers. Can you cover some of these?

During school breaks, our community library runs a holiday feeding program for at-risk children in the community. We found that many children are left home without adult supervision and no meals during school breaks.

The chances of unsupervised children having a hot meal a day are improved by consistent provisions of the feeding program. We cannot do this without your help. Would you consider Today providing a meal for a child in need?