How We Began

Our History

After passing through a lot of poverty at home and after the death of my father, I decided to drink lot of alcohol and smoke cigarette so that I can die. But there was a crusade in our area which was organized in our area by Nawanyago miracle Centre A, the preacher preached about Christ and said that if you give your life to Christ he can help you out and change your life. I decided and I gave my life to Christ on 18/08/1988.After which I joined that church and I was baptized and after a while I was appointed a youth leader in the church where I served for a long time.

Make Someone’s Life By Giving of Yours.

His foster parents always shared the little they had with the neighboring families in similar conditions, regardless of how tough things were. These early childhood memories of his parents’ loving example turned out to be a family calling. Benson believed that God supernaturally intervened amid his family crisis because his family stopped focusing on the little they had, and reached out to others in need.
Care for Children is our priority

More About Us

Our Ministry is a faith-based, non-profit organization operating currently in Uganda, with offices located Plot 93, Buzaaya, Kamuli.
Our Ministry is fighting hard to address major issues affecting our Ugandan communities at large. These include but not limited: Under-age marriages and teenage pregnancies, Disabled & Orphan Children, Domestic violence, HIV/AIDS pandemic and Child buse.
What We Do

Create A Better Future

Education For Child

The way of God miracle ministries negotiates compassionate discounts with school administrations for the children in our care.

Health Care Support

The way of God Miracle ministries is an emergency health social service resource for foster children as well as at-risk children in the community.

Feed a Child

Support for these children is made possible through relying on food donations from the community – which prepares meals for all these children.

Care for Children is our priority

Our Mission and Vision

We support poverty eradication programs, widows, and empowerment of women, programs for the disabled, Sanitation and Health sensitization, among many others.
Our Mission
To spread the word of god to the people and promote community participatory action, holistic institutional developments in natural resources management in society for sustainable development
Our Vision
To promote a community where people are able to exploit their full potential through the available opportunities and resources to attain a sustainable community development
Our Goal
To exalt God and contribute towards spiritual, social and economic empowerment of the community